There are many instance when you might need a water damage restoration service. Mostly associated with some form of a flood, weather its a natural disaster or say your washing machine broke and flooded your carpets. Every flood poses its own unique challenge. The type of flood water, sanitary, unsanitary or black water will determine how the clean up will commence.

Types of Flooding


If the water that floods your home is sanitary such as rainwater that has no contamination this is the best scenario to save your carpet with water extraction.

To clean carpets following a flood with sanitary water, you’ll want to call a water damage restoration service. After the source of the water is controlled your wet carpets can be attended to. Things to remember don’t walk on the carpets or keep it to a bare minimum. The reason is the latex that holds the backing together on your carpet is very vulnerable during this time. This will strengthen again once the carpet is dry.

Remove all furniture as this can stain the carpet. Once this is done water can then be extracted from the carpet using specialized equipment. Dispose of the carpet padding and treat the carpet with a disinfectant.


Unsanitary water flooding such as toilet water with urine present. Or any water with a moderate degree of biological contaminants in it, its recommended that the carpet be discarded. But the choice ultimately resides with the homeowner. If you do opt to try and save the carpet strong disinfectants must be used to kill off the bacteria and contamination. Dr. Spot Carpet Cleaning services can help you come to the best conclusion for your water damage situation.

Black Flood Water

A black water flood such as raw sewage is unsanitary and can pose health issues and the carpet should be thrown away.

If you are looking for a water damage restoration company call Dr. Spot Cleaning & Flooring, we have the experience, equipment and the skills needed to restore your carpet back to pre-flood conditions.