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Need to turn apartments around Fast?

Cleaning Services for Apartment Buildings and Move Outs

Caprets in aparment buildings are known for being high trafficked and replace often. This cost property managers thousands of dollars whenever a new tenant moves in and a carpet needs to be replaced and installed. Dr. Spot apartment building carpet cleaning services play a vital role in helping you save money by providing high quality carpet cleaning services.

You’ll see an amazing difference with Dr. Spot Carpet Cleaning.
Competitve Pricing: We will come to your location and quote you based on your expectation.

Service: We can often deliver same day service and frlexible weekend requirements.
Special Issues: We have specific approaches to pet issues, bright colored stains and have the ability to reverse trashed-out carpets.

Benefits of Clean Carpets in Your Apartment Building Property and Apartment Move-Outs

Improves the appearance and cleanliness of your apartment building properties and return moved out apartment carpets back to their original state.

Protects your investment by keeping the carpet in good shape. Fewer carpet replacements.
Improves indoor air quality. A dirty carpet creates a bad odor and gives off a sense of uncleanliness to your workers.

Dr. Spot Carpet Cleaning

  • Deep carpet cleaning with extra treatment in treating high-traffic areas
  • Our carpet cleaning methods extract close to 100% of the water used with fast dry times.
  • Our carpet cleaning work to remove offensive odors and stains from carpets.
  • Our carpet cleaning uses effective hot-water extraction, which disinfects and sanitizes your carpet.
  • Our carpet cleaning uses powerful extraction leaving no residue behind.
  • Our carpet cleaning technicians will move furniture, up to 100 pounds, and place moved items on foam blocks while the carpet dries.

We offer Green Carpet Cleaning, even 100% chemical free options are available upon request!
Our carpet cleaning offers additional optional protection treatments for carpet from future spills, spots, and stains!

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