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Best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains

Want to know the best carpet cleaner for pet stains? Well, its a professional carpet cleaning service. By the time you research the solutions, the tools to perform the process and actually performing the process, Dr. Spot would have already been done & gone. It’s a no brainer, the best most affordable, effective way to remove dog and other pet urine stains from your carpets is to call Dr. Spot today.

Dr. Spot has the expertise necessary to treat and remove stains and odors associated with pet accidents. Pet Stains can become a significant problem if not treated correctly and this usually comes from a DIY’er attempt. In many cases the dye in the carpet has been affected enough to cause permanent discoloration. If the dye from the fibers has been removed, no amount of cleaning will return the color back into your carpets. If the dyes have not been removed and pigment has been added to the fibers, understanding the spot techniques required to remove these pigment stains is what separates the professional carpet cleaner from the novice. Through 25+ years of training and specialty spot experience, including carpet dying, Dr. Spot understands the chemistry needed to correct staining of fibers in your carpet.

Best Pet Stain Cleaner

Understanding the components that comprise odor causing sources such as proteins, lipids and the volatile organic compounds is a science in and of itself. Dr. Spot Carpet Cleaning & Flooring in Virginia Beach is your answer to professional carpet cleaning.

We service all cities in Hampton Roads, Virginia not just Virginia Beach, you’ll find us in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk and other Hampton Roads cities. We service Currituck County, NC, too!

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Great service! Very professional and informative as he cleaned. He was very personable and was on time and cleaned the carpet thoroughly. Wish I had took before and after pics. Next time I will. Took great care in my furniture also.
James Vieira
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I loved how quick they got the work done. my daughter’s room had dried slime and polish on her carpet. now the carpets look new!. they are also friendly business people.
Selena Martin
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I highly recommend Dr Spot if you need carpets cleaned. He was ontime (reliable) and he got my carpets looking new and smelling fresh, which is exactly what I hoped for and he went above and beyond to make that happen. He got out gluey green slime and paint! I will continue to use only him and recommend him. I was a bit nervous about using a local company vs a national brand but Dr Spot showed up and did a fantastic job.

Sara V.
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Jeff was amazing. He arrived in time, was very professional and most of all got my carpets looking amazing !!!! He gave me some info on some of they other offered services. I will be call them again.

Florence J.
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Jeff and team were awesome from start to finish. The appt process was so seamless and I regularly got updates about their arrival. Jeff was thorough in his cleaning of our couch and very knowledgeable about stain removal and ongoing care moving forward. I felt like he and crew did their very best to ensure a great service. He saw a few spots on our carpet which is not the service i hired him for but he went above and beyond to spot clean those areas too. I would highly recommend them and will use them again.

Tina L.

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