Carpet Stretching Pros Virginia Beach

Have unattractive bubbles or bumps in your carpet? Then you need a carpet stretch! Bubbles in your
carpet are not only unpleasant to look at but can be a tripping hazard in your home. These bubbles also
make it difficult to move around furniture. If you have noticed waves, ripples, or even slight lumps – then a
professional carpet stretch is what you need!

Carpet Stretching Costs

Carpet stretching costs 65 – 75% less than replacing the entire carpet. At Dr. Spot Carpet Cleaning, our
advanced power stretcher will beautifully restore your carpet to look the way it should; smooth and
appealing! This process can be done quickly and efficiently, compared to looking for and buying an entire
new carpet.

Carpet Pulling Away

The carpet can easily pull away from its hold over time, coming loose from the tacks that keep it in place.
The seams between the carpet can also split and separate. This will eventually damage the carpet,
leaving holes and unusual rises that can be dangerous, especially to small children.
Not getting your carpet stretched professionally, especially if it suffers heavy traffic, can cause severe
wear and tear on it that could otherwise be avoided. Older carpets are particularly vulnerable to
permanent damage.

How to tell if your carpet needs to be stretched?

Look for loose carpet around the edges of the floor; it
should have a tucked and neat appearance. There should be no bumps, lumps, wrinkles or creases in the
carpet either, if there is, you need a professional carpet stretch.

With Dr. Spot Carpet Cleaning, we’ll be able to give your carpet exactly what it needs, depending on the
severity of the damage. Some carpets only need to be re-seamed, while others will need to be completely
re-tacked on and smoothed down. Our professionals will be able to evaluate and determine what is best
for you and your home.

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