We’ve teamed up with The Little Maid to offer you complete house cleaning services. There’s nothing like getting your whole house cleaned and the carpets too! The Little Maid service is committed to getting the job done and offers:

  • Ongoing Service Packages
  • One Time Deep Cleans
  • Move In & Out Deep Cleaning

Call or text them today and we can coordinate your house cleaning with your carpet cleaning for a whole house cleaning!

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While many home owners believe that vacuuming is sufficient, there are very important reasons to schedule a professional carpet cleaning service on a regular basis.

  • Carpet Longevity – Carpets typically last about 10 year, but our cleaning services can help to minimize wear and tear and remove dirt which can help extend the lifespan of your carpet

  • Your health – You carpet traps dirt, dust, allergens and other bacteria very easily and it’s not always est to tell until you have it cleaned. Our services can help you breathe cleaner air

  • Appearance – Maintaining a clean carpet can be one of the most difficult task as a homeowner, especially if you have children or pets. Regular carpet cleaning services help you maintain a home that looks beautiful from top to bottom.

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