Upholstery Cleaning Questions Answered

As an upholstery cleaner in Virginia Beach, we’re often asked “How often should I clean my sofa or couch?” At Dr. Spot’s, our couch cleaning service is suggested every two years. However, if you have a young family or indoor pets, you might want to look at a yearly couch cleaning service.

Types of upholstery cleaning

There are two types of cleaning for upholstery. Surface cleaning or deep cleaning. Surface cleaning is when the vacuum is run over your fabric sofa or wipe your leather couch down. This might be a part of a weekly house cleaning regime, or whenever you have the vacuum out. This is done to remove surface dirt and dust from your sofa or couch.

The other is a deep clean and that’s where the professionals, like our team at Dr Spot, are called in. We are the experts in cleaning upholstery. Giving your items a deep clean using non-toxic, pet and kid-friendly enzymes designed for the fabric style of your item. Then we finish off with a deodorizer giving your fabric that brand new sofa smell. Click here for a free estimate on getting your upholstery cleaned.

The benefits of upholstery cleaning

There are many benefits to getting your upholstery cleaned regularly in Virginia Beach. It extends the life of your item, improves it’s appearance and removes any stains or odors trapped in the fabric. If you are an allergy sufferer, this will help clear away any allergens that can get on your couch. By protecting your couch, you are also protecting your family’s health.

If you’re looking for upholstery cleaning in Virginia Beach, contact the team at Dr Spot’s for a free estimate and get your sofa looking like new again.