Did you know that getting your carpets professionally cleaned will improve you & your families health? Professional carpet cleaning will improve the appearance of your carpets and extend the life of the carpet too.

Here are 3 ways professional carpet cleaning can improve your health:

  • Carpet Cleaning removes dust mites. Many homes have dust mite infestations that the occupants are unaware of. Dust mites aren’t allergens themselves, but the fragments and feces they leave behind are. Professional carpet cleaners use a specialized method to kill and eliminate dust mites.
  • Professionally cleaning your carpet eliminates trapped pollutants. Dirty carpets can house everyday dirt and debris, lead, cockroach allergens, dander and particle pollution. Toxic airborne gases adhere to these particles and become trapped in your carpet. A simple walk across the carpet can release these gases which leads to contaminating the air in your home. Professional carpet cleaning services can remove these deeply trapped pollutants.
  • Prevents Mold Growth. If your environment is high in humidity then your carpets have a high risk of developing mold because they are frequently exposed to moisture. Cleaning your carpets prevents mildew and mold growth. Professional carpet cleaners have high powered drying tools that are specifically designed to annihilate moisture. If you eliminate moisture, you are prevention mold growth that could be harmful to your health if ignored.

Dr. Spot Cleaning Services & Flooring believes you should expect the best and that’s what we deliver. Professional carpet cleaning is one of the many services we provide along with pet & stain removal, water damage restoration, upholstery cleaning and tile & grout cleaning.

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