Let’s start with vacuuming the carpets, at least twice a week is a good rule of thumb. Many home owners are surprised to hear that carpets should be cleaned at least once a year. That’s if the foot traffic in your home is mild, if you live in a home with active children and pets you should hire a professional carpet cleaning service twice a year.

If you’ve ever cleaned your own carpets you were probably surprised at all the dirt extracted. Homeowners don’t realize that dirt and dust settles into the carpet, trapping harmful allergens into the fibers. In addition to the allergens, dirt settles into the fibers which over time can be difficult to detect at first sight. After having your carpets thouroughly cleaned by Dr. Spots Cleanning & Flooring you’ll discover that our equipment can extract dirt, allergens and pet stains far better that carpet cleaners bought to do it yourself.

Whether we use our powerful truck mounted hot water extraction or our portable unit we remove the deeply embedded dirt and grime from your carpet, which will have a postivie impact on the look of your carpet, its cleanliness as well as helping the air quality in your home.

Are you ever surprised to see dust on a table, furniture or artwork that you recently dusted? You’ll be shocked to see how much dust gets trapped in your carpet, despite regular vacuuming. With 25+ years of experience performing carpet cleanings as well as water damage restoration and pet stain & odor removal we can handle all of your homes carpet cleaning needs, Contact Dr. Spot today!

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